Monday, July 10, 2006

Sooner than I thought

Please excuse me for quoting myself, but it's pertinent. From my last blog: "With all the improvements out of the way I think there's going to be some opportunity for both motorcycle riding and drag racing before too long."

I didn't realize how right I was! I drove the Chevelle to work on Thursday, and everything worked just fine. I figured that the only other test left was to run it at the strip. The planets had aligned, and I actually had a free night on Saturday. I called my brother on Friday and said, "Hey, the Chevelle's brakes seem to be working fine. I got some decent street tires on it, so it's ready for a trip to the strip. I have Saturday off. You wanna go racing?"

His reply: "WHAT??!!! YES!!!!"

After a two-year absence from the track by both Ben and the Chevelle there was some dusting of cobwebs to be done, but the overall experience was fantastic. Ben made it to the fourth round thanks to some stupendous red-lighting by his opponents, the brakes were great, I took a bunch of pictures, the weather was gorgeous, we got it back into the 12s, Ben cut an awesome .034 light, and the only thing that went wrong with the car was the negative battery cable coming loose after we'd gotten it all ready for the drive home.

We were both feeling pretty good as we headed home in the fading midwest sunlight, the car rumbling past farmhouses and fields of Indiana countryside. I flipped on the radio and leaned back on the passenger side of the bench seat. We talked a bit about the day, and how much we enjoyed everything, and then Ben summed it all up: "That's what I call a Saturday."


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