Monday, June 12, 2006

Small Victories

Well, I actually managed to sell something that I mentioned in my previous post. A couple of weeks ago my guitarist/bandleader started asking about my black Echoplex. Did I still have it? I did and I offered to bring it out to a gig for him to try. Incredibly enough, it only took about two or three gigs for me to remember to put it in the van and take it with me (although I remembered when I was three blocks from home and had to double-back to pick it up). The man tried it out, got some totally awesome tone out of it, and asked if I'd sell it. To my immense glee, we came to an agreement on price and he paid me half that night and the remainder this past weekend. So, one down, several to go. Progress is progress, however, and I'm happy that I now have both a little more space and a little more money. It's a win/win situation for T!

I got the discs of the front of the Chevelle and got the light surface rust removed with a little CLR. I have no clue if this is going to work or not when it's all said and done, but it's cheaper than getting all four discs cut yet again. In addition, I know if they needed to be turned again that one of them would have to be replaced, so I'm hoping this takes care of the problem. I thank my brother, Ben, for coming up with this idea.

I got the rear wheels removed and one rotor pulled. Maybe this week I can get both of them cleaned up. Once the discs are all cleaned and reinstalled it'll be time to take it around the block and see how the new all-disc system is going to work. My fingers are crossed.

To alleviate this rust problem with the brakes I have already installed eaves venting in the garage as well as a powered gable vent with a thermostat and humidistat. It's reassuing to come out of the house on a rainy morning and hear the fan hummin' away. Ah, the sound of controlled humidity! Woohoo!


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